1. Our Birth

    In January, 2014 “Viajes Mirador, Operador Turístico” (Turismo Mirador Ltda.) was inaugurated and four years later, has been able to get a place between the elite Tourism in Coquimbo’s region.

    In December, 2014 the company proposed to the quality of our products under the current national standards, so, in year 2015 the company achieve this under the current Chilean Norm (Norma Chilena NCH 3067) obtaining the grade of Tour Operator and the “Q” label of tourist quality (Sello de Calidad Turística de Sernatur, sello Q) until 2018.

  2. Acknowledgments

    In the year 2016, thanks to the work of all the equipment of professionals and the suppliers, our company was recognized by the biggest platform of recommendations of the world, Tripadvisor.com, with the " Certificate of Excellence 2016".

  3. Certificación y Distinciones

    Already in the year 2017, the company decided to certify their quality processes under the International norm, and it chose for this purpose, the “international ISO norm 9001” version 2015, being at this time, the first private company in Chile obtaining the mentioned version , until year 2020.

    During the same year, Viajes Mirador becomes into the first tour operator of Coquimbo's Region obtaining the Distinction of Tourist Sustainability granted by SERNATUR, as an "Eco-Friendly" operator, this distinction is valid until the year 2019.

The 100 % of satisfaction that nowadays the company possesses, has been reflected among their (commanding) clients who goes from individuals up to institutions of government, and day after day they continue recommending to the company and this is why Viajes Mirador, marks an own stamp in creating a personalized and related to experiences tourism.


To provide tourist services of high quality in efficient and opportune way, satisfying the expectations and needs of the clients.


To continue being positioned as the leading and reliable tour operator for our clients, carrying out sustainable tourism across the patrimonial interpretation of our region, delivering environmental education and promoting respect towards our communities, in order to preserve for future generations the wealth of Coquimbo's Region.


Honesty with our clients
Transparency and equity on the market
Ethics and professional integrity
Respect people, their common good and their quality of life